Thursday, March 6, 2008

Camping at Grey!

Been a little bit busy packing and unpacking and then packing and unpacking again! That's right we went camping at Grey - we had to take just about everything but the kitchen sink lol! Most of last week was spent running around getting what we needed and then this week I think it took its toll on me and I am still putting things away with a nanna nap or two! The girls had a great time although Chionia came down with a 24 hour stomach bug on the first day - they went quad bike riding - loved the beach with the sand toys and swimming and Tom's Jump station (think of a large tyre about 4M across with a trampoline mat that has an anchor for it to stay put in the water!) and everything about Grey I think! Grey is about 9kms south of Cervantes which is about 2.5 hours North of Perth - it is a collection of old fishing shacks
- most of which have been made with tin etc! We are lucky enough to have the only brick one there aalthough it is in terrible need of some TLC...... About 2 hours to clean out all the sand when we got there and scrub the stove kitchen toilet and black fridge... Showers involved heating the HUGE kettle with rainwater and then adding cold rainwater to a large bucket that we would hoist into the air and then unscrew the shower head to release the water! It would take a while but what else is there to do!!!

Add to that Jess had her school assmebly that week in which the theme was clowns - it was a great assembly - lots of pranks and stilt walking (GO JESS) and hoola hoop twirling, stunts acrobats and poems :)

Family - well a mix bag - Maureen goes for her next lot of chemo this coming Tues - her hair has started to fall out :( but this is her good week so no ulcers etc - the other good news is that she can feel the lump has shrunk significantly YAY!!! Damo and Lisa on the other hand need huge big hugs after losing a bub at nearly 10 weeks. This is the second time for them and I know how they feel - very cheated and wondering what they did wrong - Jess though was my third time lucky so fingers crossed it will happen for them too. Me - I have really really high iron levels which are being investigated - will know more in a few weeks after more tests and ultrasounds.

Blogger is playing up so had better finish this so it will post! Take care all :)


Anonymous said...

wow Mel...your better than me, I would not be going somewhere if I had to spend 2 hours cleaning it first!!!...especially the loo and fridge!!!!!!!

but saying that, the photos are great :)

amanda said...

love your camping photos mel. The sunset one is stunning!!

the kids look like they had a ball - makes all the sand and washing worth it!

Riss Plackett said...

Mel I always love your photos you have a real knack for photography. They look terrific :)

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