Thursday, February 21, 2008

Soooooo excited!!!

It seems like Christmas (or perhaps Christmas in July ;) )

A spur of the moment decision but I have booked into Scraptacular's Retreat in July - in the Dandenong ranges VICTORIA!!!! This is where Gary grew up!!

So far - I will be meeting Rach Kim, Felicity for certain - rofl Flick is my date for the weekend - she has even soooooo kindly offered to collect me from the airport and share a room!!! (PS I just LOVE the card book you sent me this week THANKYOU! again!!) Who knows where I am going but I can't wait to meet everyone!!

Not sure how to pack my scrap stuff to take with me or what to take or how COLD it will be! Now just to find some cheap plane tickets to Melbourne to arrive Friday 18th July (AM so I can go scrap shopping as I can't take it all with me pmsl!) and fly back the Sunday night....... let me know if you see any cheap flights around ok!!!

Otherwise settling into a routine here - Jess loving Yr 3 - lots of dancing - I think I head to Joondalup every Mon - Thurs for some reason or other. Jess has started Piano - walked into the piano teachers room on Sat and a lot of memories came flodding back - just the smell of books etc!

Chionia fell asleep during dinner - on the floor - so tired tonight - she had me up from 2-4am last night - who knows why! and then today had swimming lessons as well. Dropped some dinners off to Maurs so she doesn't have to think about it over the next few nights with chemo - she looked tired but positive and happy - all good.

Off to do some blogging! Nite all and take care :)


Susanne Perry said...

Melanie, love your work. I've popped in to tag you, check out my blog. Sounds like you'll have an awesome time at the retreat.

silvercat said...

Hi Mel.....colour me green!!..I would love to go to the retreat and meet some of the girls..

LOL...I've come to let you know that I've tagged ya too! you have to check out my blog too!

silvercat said...

hehe...I just checked it's the same tag!....

Taddyj said...

Hey Mel! Hope you have a great time at the retreat! It's really nice here in Melb! Oh, and just to let you know, I never found the tooth! :-P
Hope your feeling well and taking it easy.

Jo said...

Hey Mel - just popping in to say I can't wait to meet IRL at the retreat!!!

Riss Plackett said...

Wow Mel, you'll love the Dandenongs. Brrr in winter though! Can't wait to see what work comes out of it. I am picking the photos to put in Ben's accordian thing you made me. Did you take any photos on the day? I'm trying to collect all the photos of the Christening.

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