Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter everyone :)

Used the new range of GRUNGE alpha's from Twiddleybitz

Cupid and candleabra is from Twiddleybitz as well :)

Easter is going to be a quiet one for us as Gary is working in Bayswater on a mining company's factory floor..So it is a time to catch up and get a few things done before the mayhem that will engulf us during April!Girls have lots of chocolates already hhmmmmmmmm and keep asking for chocolate - am I a strict mum if I say no after they have had a few??????

Anyway - done one challenge over at 3AS for Easter - use turquoise, orange and black - knew exactly which photo would do!!! Also giving you a look at this weeks DT work as tomorrow morning we are at Aunty Helens for brekkie and have a egg hunt here in the arvo once Gary is home :)This week we had to demo hand cut titles.....well I did this several weeks ago but ended up using it for last's week LO so had to do another one - bought a cuttlebug last weekend to help cut out Telia's name for her invites and it was on special and I had to have one lol!!! SO I used it for this weeks LO as well.....

Been a bit crazy here - lots of visitors who most of the time don't know when they have outstayed their welcome......I think last night was the first night in probably nearly two weeks that we had to ourselves. Told you it has been crazy.

Boat has arrived from Florida - it actually got here at the beginning of March but was held up with customs and needed a steam clean before they would release it. So we are now picking it up on Tuesday and putting it.......still to be decided as we have a boat and 3 cars in our driveway at the moment - most times I have had to park on our lawn as the driveway has been taken up with visitors cars as well....

ok need to run to the shops to get a couple of things like toilet paper!!! Have a great Easter everyone and don't eat toooo many chocolates all at once lol :)

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silvercat said...

Great Easter pic Mel...and fab layouts as well!!..luv that butterfly book!

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