Thursday, March 27, 2008

Look what has arrived from Florida......

TA DA!!!! The boat Gary bought in America has finally made it here, customs cleared it last week after putting it in quarantine for a clean........ Had to follow it from Freo to our place and lets just say it takes up a full lane plus a little bit more - must have been a sight seeing a 6 wheeler tip truck pulling along the boat!!!! I only saw the back end of it the whole way rofl. It needs lots of tlc inside and a complete rewiring but the hull is good and a bit of a scrub and we will have it up and going by Xmas - Rottnest here we come :)

and this will be for sale as soon as the windows get put in - let us know if you know anyone wanting to buy a 28 foot Razorline boat! lol I need somewhere to park my car!!!!!


Felicity said...

Its huge :)

Anonymous said...

wow.. :)

Angela said...

Holy Mackerel!! That is one HUGE boat.

Anonymous said...

wowsers mel! i get sea-sick just looking at it LOL!

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