Sunday, March 16, 2008

Time for a Christening

Gary has taken the girls out this morning to the beach with the Martins so I can have some me time. Finished off my parts of Telia's invites (including cutting the word TELIA and 21 out 60 times on my new cuttlebug!) and now in here updating.

Last weekend was Ben's christening. Beautiful day, service and company :)

Also have uploaded this twice today to 3AS but it isn't coming up so will try again later - this weeks product for DT work was felt fusion by Queen and Co - Love the purple swirls so kept it simple to show it off :) Boy it is hard to do minimalistic lol


Riss Plackett said...

So cute!

Aline said...

What a beautiful layout this is!
And I also love the photos of the christening, so full of love. Thanks for showing!

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