Sunday, October 21, 2007

Secret Squirrel business happenings.......

Lots of things happening atm. Last minute decision the other night to go to the park right on sunset - hence not good light for the photo's. Photography question - lol obviously to do with the park - I was trying to adjust the camera settings to allow for the light but of course it takes a longer shutter speed so most of the photo's were blurry - can't use a flash - what do you do?

Crop night on Friday night - it was soooooo good just to stand and scrap lol that's right - standing room only for me!!!!! But that was ok as I was painting a baking tray etc for my Xmas Tarisota kit which I just need to stick down the alpha's now and it is done!!! Love the kits I got :) Going to do the Heart of the home one next.

Tried out our smoking machine last night with some fish Gary got up north - yummy! It works a treat and the things you can do with it!

Me - I am working on some secret squirrel stuff atm - I have been asked by a new scrapping supply company here to design some stuff - need to work out all the bits and pieces before I do go ahead but could be exciting for me :) lol Keep an eye in here for more news!

Off to the Joseph Ashton circus this arvo - we have ringside seats so it is going tobe fun - I wonder if I can take photo's!!


T-Mac said...

I haven't been here before Mel but will become a regular now so I can keep an eye out for your news.

I am no expert but I love the pics of the girls btw - it looks like a lovely spot.

Riss Plackett said...

Your photos are looking brilliant Mel - lovely touches. Dad's the one to ask on the photos but he may say open up the aperture and slightly speed up the shutter speed. The longer you have the shutte ropen obviously more light can get in. And my old warhorse...use the tripod!

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