Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Secret Santa pressies, schools back HOORAY!

busy busy as usual - I think it is this time of year that I start to really hang out for things to SLOW DOWN! Life is just to busy and very repetitive atm - thank goodness school is back - Jess was wearing me down with the constant "I'm bored mum" and "I'm hungry" lol! Her and CHionia would either be as good an angels or a nightmare. She reckons she had a boring holiday until I reminded her about the Geelong party with her friends here, Nanna and grandad coming up and spending a few days and going to the Royal show, a couple of kids classes, Kaila, Emily and Callum as well as Candice across the road were all friends she played with and we went to the movies and did some girls shopping...... what more can I do! Especially when Gary was away for half of the hols and then I spent time helping FIona....

Anyway - I have a Tips and Technique class tonight - inking and dimensional magic! It is part of a series where by the end of it the customers will have a little bound book full of ideas and tips! The masters............. so funny to think about. I made the Top 100 which for me is just awesome - I look at some of the work some of the others who have made it and wonder why I was picked lol. But then you get the thought there is always a chance! Time will tell - I believe they are nearly down to the final 15 and the calls will be made early November (inside info there ;) )Anyway it has been a fun ride! LO has been sent in and above is a sneak peak of my SS EB present - I just LOVE it !!!! Can't show any more cause it will give it away hehe. pm me if you want details! Was thinking of it being a class but I think it would be a bit hard with all the crackle paint bits!

OK back to work - lots of invoicing to o now I don't have any kids asking for food!


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