Thursday, October 4, 2007

Facepainting and more fun from the show

Dad emailed me these photo's from the show yesterday - some more fun - isn't theone of Chionia and her face painted beautiful!

Quick update on the guys - They made it to Exmouth .....just - they limped in literally!!!! Eric broke his foot just before they left and got it checked at the Exmouth hospital - he won't do anything about until they get back as he wants to fish. Also someone (not Gary) forgot to tighten up the nuts on the boat trailor and the tyre flew off - find it - put it back on and used some nuts from Garys tyres (insert a not happy smilie here!) and made it to Carnavon. They went fishing today and having dinner with Lynn and Vic - chilli crabs I think!

Anyway Jess has just informed me that Chionia is eating her bowl and there is about to be an arguement by the sounds of it...... Take care :)

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Riss Plackett said...

Your daughters are prettier than any face paint in the whole world :)

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