Thursday, October 11, 2007

RIP Fran

Starting on a sad note but Fiona's mum died on Sunday night - a wonderful lady who lived her life under her own terms right up until the end - she was even allowed a glass or two of wine in her final hours which knowing Fran I am glad. The funeral is tomorrow morning first thing so it has been a mad rush for Fiona to organise it all and deal with all the little bits and pieces it throws at you. Big hugs Fo - you know I am here and I am only glad to help.

On a more positive note Gary is back - Yippee!!!! And they even caught some fish - something called a slimey cod (lol I think) and snapper and shark - lots of yummy fish to eat :) :) :) Next year I think we are going instead of the boys as I think we are better company lol!

I have also had my second LO ever accepted for publication by Scrapbooking Memories. It is one of Chionia so that evens up the score so to speak - it is one I did called Don't worry be Happy - the one of Chionia cracking up laughing after smashing the sandcastle Gary had just built on Fathers Day. Now to work out how to take it out of some of the galleries I have it in..... Not long now until the phone calls go out for the master comp in which I made the top 100 - you only get a phone call if you make the top 10 so fingers crossed for me - however the competition is awesome so just to make it this far I am pleased :) The results and mag is out in December.

I had better go - lots to do before tomorrow which will be a very sad day to say the least. Take care all and remember to tell those you love that you love them :)

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nahte said...

Mel. What a mixture of emotions. I'm glad Fran's last hours were peaceful.

Glad hubby is home and congrats for the acceptance :)


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