Monday, October 22, 2007

Jess wants to join the circus :) lol

Sunday afternoon we took the girls to the Joseph Ashton Circus in Kingsway shopping centre. It was.......................FANTASTIC! Chionia had a ball and we had ringside seats so she hung off the little fence most of the time. Jess on the otherhand became part of the act when she was chosen to go up on stage and juggle with a clown! She loved it - doesn't she look great - sorry bad place for photo's!!! Everytime I got the settings right - the lighting would change or the smoke machine would go off! I do like the effect though on some of the photo's :)

Scrapping wise - I am designing some kits for the shop - I should have them ready by the end of the week ready for next month. I will post more other exciting news later and no - no phone calls yet lol! ;) Also have a great series of classes at the shop - Tips and Techniques - where we cover a different subject every fortnight - from inking to distressing to chipboard and everything in between! They are good - you end up with a chipboard album at the end with your own notes inside :)

Clock class is another great one for Christmas pressies

Things are going to start to get busy now - Jess's dance concert is going full steam ahead - have to get some costumes so Me and MUM!! can sew them up in time - I think it may be one of those last minute jobs like the last few years :rolleyes: :) hehe

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