Sunday, August 26, 2007


Says Jess in her loudest voice possible I think after we get in the car and go to leave the dance studio. We had just been to her dance choreographic comp and Jess and Lauren came second in their Duet dance. Jess was soooooo excited and happy she couldn't stop giggling and laughing and as we turned into our street she said to me "I have tears in my eyes cause I am so happy". Makes all the running around etc worth it to hear that. Especially seeing they only put the dance together the day before as we only had 3 days notice!!!!!

We are dogsitting Floppy atm while mum and dad are staying at my brothers - the girls are LOVING it - had to warn them a few times to share lol!

Gary sick again with a headcold and it is a wet rainy day here in Perth - perfect to attempt a couple of cc challenges and Paula's spring challenge on EB.

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silvercat said...

Well done Jess!!!

Hope Gary is feeling better soon....

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