Saturday, August 4, 2007

Life can be so unfair :(

Sometimes when you think you are in control of your life and how you want to live it - it throws a curve ball at you. Miscarriage. I have been through it 3 times and each time it reminds you of how precious and fragile life is and how ultimately you aren't in control and you have to accept perhaps. It doesn't get easier and even now 8 years after my first miscarriage I can still feel those feelings of how unfair life can be. To D & L my thoughts and love are with you.

On a happier note I have scrapped my Harry Potter LO! Had to go searching for my stars a few times and the letters disappeared under my desk - thanks chionia who has also stamped underneath my desk in a pretty array of red, mustard and purple colours.
Have a few more projects up my sleeve but will show them off when I get them done - also SB to Di for is moving - to Malaga!!!! Another 6 weeks of craft fairs and packing and ordering and lots of fun stuff! Stay tuned!

OK time to get out of my pj's and get organised lol

Take care all and a big mwah to those who need it :)

OK naughty me - several people have tagged me and I just haven't got to replying as such. Each of them was the same tag so - Narelle, Sarah Tash and Tracey!!! Here you go!

1-Post these rules.

2-Each person tagged must post 8 random (... hopefully interesting) facts about themselves.

3-Taggees should write a blogpost of these facts.

4- At the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named and released back into the wild.

5-Go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they're tagged*.

So here are my 8 random things:

1. hm I need 8 things lol - ok - when I stack the dishwasher I always group the cutlery together so when I put it away I can just grab a pile and stick it in the drawer and not sort it out.

2. Toilet paper must be the correct way - paper coming over the top and not going behind - will change it if I see otherwise lol

3. I drive a 4WD - whenever I go into the underground carparks I duck my head as I go under the height bars pmsl

4. I have lived in Borneo, England (Bath) and Holland as well as here in Perth - best place to be is here!

5. I won the state womens sailing championship in 1994 and second in 1995 sailing 40 foot yachts

6. I used to iceskate to school up the canals in Holland.

7. I can play the piano (8 yrs), clarinet (6 years) and dabbled in a few other instruments but could not get how to play the guitar - too big fingers I think!

8. I have been flying with ET in LA!!!

Ok most people I know have been nominated so I nominate anyone who reads this and hasn't written 8 weird things about themselves.

Now I must get Jess out of the shower and Chionia to bed so I can keep working on my travel album for the craft fair :) Take care all :)


Sarah said...

Love that Layout Mel,it's awesome!!! btw sent you an email,hope you got it :P

Tracey said...

So sorry to hear about your SILs loss Mel, it must be hard bringing back all your memories too.

Hope you had a good time at the crop night last night, I hope to be at the next one.

I have tagged you on my scrapping blog, take a look for details.


nahte said...

I'm so sorry for your SIL. I can really relate to the pain.

I loved reading about your facts. You have had an amazing life.


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