Friday, August 17, 2007


What are we going to do with you????????????????? This time she has really done it with her "drawing" on things - she has scratched a nice big circle x ten in our new 48 inch LCD TV screen. She will be lucky if I pick her up from daycare tonight. We have done all the discipline things with her with this drawing on anything and now I am pulling hairs out of my head. She has drawn all over the walls and floor and clothes and anything she gets her hands on. gggggrrrrrrrr....................


what else is new - Masters has been packed and posted :) now it is just the waiting game - I hope it survives it trip in Aussie postal service - I can just see some of my stampbord coming off my ink handbag.

oh - and while I think of it - who is lurking here???? my count tally has shot up 200+ since Tuesday! lol seeing I have only had 2000 looks (unlike Rach's 30000!) since Christmas that sure is a lot - can't be anything to do with shortlisted for the masters????? Leave me a post when you visit! Ta!

At Jess's school they have a program called "run for life" which is where every class does at least 2 laps of the school every day - you can do more and the little ones do 1 lap - well Jess has just made it on the 100KM board!!!!!!! WOW - and not many girls on there either I believe. YAY for Jess Also the last few weekends she has had her Ballet and Modern exams which she has passed - need to wait for presentation night to see what grade as such!

Tonight is the last crop night at Di's shop in Balcatta - In a couple of weeks we are moving to MALAGA to bigger newer premises and lots of exciting new projects as well. Not sure with this headcold if I will be able to last the night but will try!

ok one LO from me - challenged myself to do one in 30 minutes and here it is - still feel likes it needs something....... tell me what you think?

Take care all!


Sarah said...

Well you know I post here pmsl,well done on the SM Masters hun xx
omg at Chionia,I hope she doesn't teach Luke that:( lucky we have a normal tv !!!

Anonymous said...

OMG at the drawing!! frustrating for you...((hugs))....

Riss Plackett said...

Oooh Mel!!!! Maybe she takes after her aunty drawing? Although I never drew on TVs. I'll get her a big drawing set to distract her.

By the way, cutest poem ever!

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