Friday, August 24, 2007

the Little things

WHAT a busy week!!! Only just sat down (8.20pm) after dropping kdis off this morning and working all day at the craft fair leaving at four pm and home at 6.15pm DInner baths bed and now it is nearly time for me to go too lol!!!!

Created this example for demo'ing the new binding and cutting system we got in at work yesterday - YES yesterday so in under two hours I learnt how to use the Dream Kutz and Zutter - a cutting and binder system that is sooooooooooooooooooooooo easy to use and I LOVE the ninding machine - so quick and easy!!!!!! Will use the mini album to put in tid bits about my wedding!

The girls - Chionia made a tshirt at daycare today - they could pick a picture to get printed on it and she choses "bow for the princess" hehe!!!

Jess came home with a note about a choreographic dance competition which is ............ tomorrow night OMG!!! We had no idea when it was although we paid a $7.00 charge thingy a few months ago and thought we would get a note about all the details - anyway she has been practising at Lauren's (her dance partner in it) this afternoon and we have it all sorted I hope - not bad with only 3 days notice hehe!!

Reminds me I need to go and convert some boxes into fairy flowerpots :)

Nite all take care :)

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nuttyscrapper said...

Looks Great Mel, have seen a few of these little mini albums made from the new binder thingo !!!! Look good but I dont thinki would get the use from it what do u reckon?

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