Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Suppose to be doing bookwork but need 5 minutes break! Completed a mini album on the weekend using tranparencies - love the effect and very different to scrapping with paper!

School holidays have started and within one hour of school breaking up Jess muttered Mum I am bored! I think it could be a long 2 weeks! Chionia had the most crappy day on Saturday - so grizzly and grumpy and sooooooooooooooooooo naughty.... was glad to put her to bed that night - Gary even called me half way through a kids class with Jess in tears cause Chionia was doing their heads in!!!! I think she is getting her two top molars..... hate teething lol

I have done a couple of kids classes so far these hols - the kids really love them but BOY what a mess to clean up afterwards!

Blogger playing up and won't let me add photos or a title - big sigh - will be back


Sarah said...

Mel,go to my blog on how to fix the title thing :P

Anonymous said...

Mel you have my sympathies regarding the teething, took Ethan months to cut his molars.....nurofen works real well!!....when he got so grumpy for no appartent reason I would give him a dose and then my lovely boy would come back :)

Saw your mini album on's fabulous!!

debbiedo said...

Yay on the merit award!!!!


Dani said...

Oh I have to give that transparant album thing a go, I just love them

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