Monday, July 16, 2007

How many sleepovers does a 7yr need???

School holidays and Jess is bored so what happens - sleepovers :insert crazy icon here:! Sat night was a sleepover party at Kaila's - I believe most of them (not Jess) were still awake at 1am. Jess also had Emily here Thursday night and Annie last night and will have Shelby tomorrow night! 4 in less than a week!!!! Roll on school!

Blogger playing up a bit - it doesn't want to upload photo's - keeps jamming half way through! or saying it is uploaded and they aren't - any idea's???

Anyway here is a link to PB in the meantime -

Um Chionia getting better - last night was the first night in a week or so that she slept through without coughing YAY!!! And we all slept in till 7am Double YAY!!

Kids classes are going well - 11 at the last one - and have the photo frame Friends class tomorrow.

Car has been playing up again - First friday of the hols it comes up with EAS fault - we supposedly had this fixed at Christmas time....... Gary took it in Wed - they cleared the blockage in the switch - all ok - Friday it happens again as I was driving up Wanneroo Rd - took it straight back to them - they didn't charge me but this time it come up with a reading on the computer which our car shouldn't have given them so they have no idea what is happening and may need to replace the switch thingy they put in at Xmas ggrrrrrr - may not be able to go to Dunsborough if I don't know if it will be fixed.....

OK better get the girls organised and drop off a tyre that need reflating at the tyre place and then some shopping for clothes for Gary :)

hhmmm photo's have uploaded now hopefully!

Take care all


Dee Molina said...

gorgeous work Mel - love your header as well xxxx

debbiedo said...

Girls and sleepovers hey??? LOL Riana loves them, mind you so did I when I was her age.

Your scrapping looks fab too!

Bugger about the car, don't get me started on bloody cars!!!!!


Dani said...

Sleep overs, great fun...especially when the sleeping over child decides she'd like to go home at 5am LOL

Narelle said...

You're in fine scrapping form Mel!

I have tagged you :p see my blog hehe.

Riss Plackett said...

I love those books Mel :)

Stupid car - that's no good! When are you going to Dunsborough?

Alinta said...

THanks Mel - love the kit.. have never worked with those colours so always great to try somehting new!!!And thankyou for the warm welcome:) Im looking forward to being part of such a great team!!

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely beautiful creation, just gorgeous.

Carole xx

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