Saturday, July 7, 2007

Merit Award for Jess :)

Jess got a Merit Award on the last day of term for her excellant writing - she produced a report on Earthworms! YAY WELL DONE BEAUTIFUL.

Chionia on the other hadn has driven us all completely round the bend today - not sure what is wrong with her but she is a right old grumpybum...... Took her 3 hours and a lot of work to get to have her sleep and she woke up in just as bad a mood as when she went to bed. We think it is her top molars coming through - they had better make their appearance quickly or we will go insane! lol

Kids classes have commenced for the school hols and took my first one today! The girls were great and produced some wonderful frames for their rooms :)

Made an alfresco tile during the week - sooooooooooooo easy to do but a bit time consuming in waiting for each of the layers to dry - took me three nights to complete but probably a total of 30 minutes working on it!

Other than that working on a mini album which is quite fun to do a bit daunting at first due to the transparencies but am loving it. Also finally sent in my entry to the masters - roll on August and lets hope for a phone call!!!!!


Sarah said...

Well done Miss Jess,am also very proud of you xxxx

Mel,love your album,it's gorgeous!!!

Seeya Tuesday xx

Riss Plackett said...

Go Jess, you're a wormy champ!

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