Thursday, July 26, 2007

Some cute photos!

Just a couple of photos! Chionia's mischief - something that happens a bit to often , Chionia getting the cat to smile for the camera and jess and me! lol forgot to say - I have had a haircut - now have a full head of blonde foils (love them!) and a fringe lol - will take a photo later hehe


Sarah said...

Omg Mel,Miss C has been naughty ummaaaahhhh thank god Luke hasn't done that YET lol
Love the pic of you and Jess,I wanna see a pic closeup of your new do :P

amanda said...

YAY with the new hair do. Looks bloody brilliant mate. Love it to bits. Thanks for showing us LOL

Sarah said...

Oh yay you added a pic,what a spunkrat you are :P I so wanna get folis in my hair!!

Felicity said...

Love the new hair doo - Wahooo sexy mum :-)

nahte said...

Love your hair.

Interesting tile decoration. :)


debbiedo said...

Your new hair looks fab!


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