Thursday, July 26, 2007

House full of sickies ... or are they....?

Well school went back Tuesday but here I am later with everyone home sick with something different. Got a phone call yesterday about 1pm to pick Jess up as she was sick. Went and got her - she had a headache and didn't feel well. Gave her some nurofen and set her up on the couch all snuggly and warm. Gary got home not long after - he went to the Dr's in the morning (locked his keys in the car and I had to go and get him half way through a class!) and is on antibiotics for a sore throat. THen at 3pm I get a call from Daycare saying Chionia had a temp of 38degrees and so off I went to pick her up - dosed her up with nurofen and tbh they both seem fine to me now...... running around screaming and playing atm.

Not much scrapping from me - half way through a baby tin for Chionia lol! There is a cyber crop at 3 Angels this weekend which hopefully I can attempt and maybe even join in on the chatting this time - pity they are a few hours ahead as by the time I have settled the kids etc most of them are either away scrapping or gone to bed :(

Everything has gone quiet so better go check the girls.... up to mischief no doubt!

oh and a huge

HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY for yesterday Lisa! :) :) :) Hope you had a good one!

Take care

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