Thursday, December 6, 2007

Introducing.......... TWIDDLEYBITZ :)

Proud to announce I am officially a resident designer for Twiddleybitz with my first range being produced in the new year :)

As per their website

Western Australia's premier Scrapbooking & craft manufacturer and wholesaler.
Twiddleybitz will wholesale to the ever demanding scrapbooking, card making and paper craft industry with fresh, funky and eye-catching products. Our range will include all types of Twiddleboard & chipboard words,runners, silhouettes, alphabets & 12 x 12 creative cuts to tickle your fancy. We will also cater towards the off the page patrons with a wide range of MDF shapes and flourishes which will be captivating to the eye.
Most of our products will be available in all sizes and thickness.

We are pleased to announce we have selected Melanie Forbes & Dominic McHugh as our resident designers. We look forward to releasing their exclusive designs with our 1st product release.

Please contact us to express your interest in purchasing from our exciting new range or to design an exclusive range for your store.

We will also cater to your clients needs for specialised words – children / pet names, sports teams, holiday destinations etc. We welcome your enquiries to Twiddleybitz Wholesale -
or telephone us on (08) 9206 3667.
Thank you for visiting our site.

:) :) :) GO and have a look at the site - the Silhouette section has their current pre release range and is a limited range - if you like the look of them just leave me a message and I can organise it for you :)

OK - back to the costumes now :)


Natasha said...

Congrats Mel.

I can't see the products n their site though :(

Riss Plackett said...

Yippee Skippy go Mel! That's terrific.

Taddyj said...

Hey Mel!

CONGRATS!!! I've just a quick look through and the work you are putting out is just AWESOME!
Good on you!
Hope all is well, take care.

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