Sunday, December 9, 2007

Today is my slack day for the next two weeks and the last week - I even had a nanna nap this arvo - sorry Flick! Will catch up when we coordinate times lol

Crop night Friday night started and finished Jess's main teachers present - a 2008 diary - found the ballet shoes in BigW Xmas dept...

Started and finished off today the Xmas LO for the shop using new products - don't you just love those bling swirls OMG I had to buy the black as well! (and a few tim holtz inks..... and tools.....) Love my new heat gun- enticed me to do some embossing - just need a distressing clear embossing powder now to do what I want..... some tags!

and to finish off - Jess's rags in her hair resulted in..... gorgeous ringlets x 7they looked beautiful until she went swimming tonight and lost them..... thats ok - next time we do it is Tues night then Thursday and Friday nights! insert going crazy icon here! Roll on 20th December AFTER a trip to Dunsborough :)

Must mention that on Friday Jess had her talent assembly at school where Lauren and her stood up in front of the whole school and performed their fairy ballet song - just perfect - she also received a letter from her teacher asking us to the Christmas assembley on Tuesday afternoon where she will be presented a letter of commendation from the school for always completing her homework and consistently completing her work to a high standard at school :) :) SOOOO Proud of her - :) :) GO JESS as Chionia would say!

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silvercat said...

Gorgeous work!! those little ballet slippers...

Well done Jess!

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