Saturday, December 15, 2007

I am sooooooo PROUD............

of Jess :) :) :) :) :)

What a week! We have been soooo busy with dancing and school in the last week or so - one more concert tonight and the awards night on Monday and we are finished. School has also finished for the year as well which is the first acheivement of Jess's

Her report - nowadays the reports are quite different to when I went to school and it always causes some debate amongst the parents as to how good an indication it is. For example on the end of year reports for them to earn an "A" their work has to be the equivalent of the end of Year 3 - one year ahead - a "B" is the equivalent of 6 months ahead -half wasy through year 3, C is just right and they are where they should be.

Anyway Jess got all B's apart from 2 A's in society and environment and art YAY!!!!!!! Awesome report. THe week gets better.........

On Tuesday Jess received the Year 2 Endeavour award at the Xmas school assembly for consistently completing her work to a high standard and being a pleasant hard working member of the class - YAY JESS again :) :) :)

Wed night we had the dress rehearsal for the Cinderella dance concert - normally I help out with Jess's ballet group and they are such a delightful bunch of girls - no problem at all. Well this year I ended up with her tap group. NEVER AGAIN will I look after this bunch due to 3 completely horrible girls. THey push and shove and try to damage the costumes.Between 3 mums we struggled - we would tell them off - sit them down on chairs - separate them god knows how many times - we ended up complaining to their teacher and now have two of the bigger girls entertaining them........ I can't believe how naughty they are - two sisters and a little one who goes along for the ride I think. Tonight will be interesting.......

Jess had her end of year christmas party Wed at school too and then Thursday they went and saw the Bee movie. Last day of school and I get a phone call to come and collect Jess as she didn't feel well. She made it in our front door and ran to the loo before throwing up. :( A big sleep later and a bit of a temp she did perk up after some panadol and shower and had an early night. Something is still not quite right although she hasn't thrown up since - she had 2.5 hour sleep yesterday afternoon which was good as she did have her dance concert on that night.

It was beautiful. Jess's hair was done in rags and the ringlets were just divine if I don't say so myself :) She danced and smiled and had fun and at the end of the night came the major awards that were presented - Jess got one YAY YAY YAY YAY for the best tap modern jazz dancer in her year!!!!

Trifecta - I was so proud of her watching from the audience - she has worked hard this year and for her to get some rewards like this is just perfect end to a busy year.

I will pop photo's up tomorrow as I am taking the camera to the show tonight - I am backstage.

I also need to say a big THANKYOU to Susan for my gorgeous handmade SS gift - some stunning BG stars and door hangers for the girls room - off to take some photo's now so I can upload them to EB!

Chionia wants brekkie so had better run - the others are all still asleep and my eyes feel like sandpaper atm - will be having a nanna nap this arvo me thinks!



amanda said...

oh well done Jess. That is so awesome!!!

You must be over the moon Mel. What a very clever little chickie you have there!

Riss Plackett said...

Well done Jess - can you teach Sparky how to be a good student?! All he wants sto do is somersaults :)

Anonymous said...

Well done Jess!!.....Mel you have every right to be very proud of your girl! :)

Looking forward to seeing your SS pressie!

Kaysie said...

WOW you must be soo proud.. She gets her intelligence from her mum...

Well dont jess..


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