Sunday, December 2, 2007

Count down to..........

End of school - 11 days
Dance concert - 12 days
Dunsborough - 18 days
Christmas - 23 days

plus lots of dance rehearsals, glitter and sequins, classes, Xmas goodies to do etc in between! Crazy time of year - at times I do wonder why we go to sooooo much bother but it boils down to that magic of christmas. The girls are loving it - Chionia is old enough this year to really get into the spirit of it as per our Christmas tree yesterday! She is loving all the ornaments we have around the house and knows that Santa is getting all her dummies this year to give to all the babies like Aunty Sissy's!

Did our photo shoot for cards this year - the girls weren't really in the mood - Jess didn't like her dress - said it was itchy and then a hole appeared which became too big and obvious for her to wear then...... it seemed to much of a hassle but we got there even though Chionia lost a pair of knickers somewhere lol!

A Couple of thankyou's - Amanda - mwah for creating my card theme this year which I have also turned into my blog header - speaking of which can someone help me with getting it right - it seems to be covering the old header not replacing it.....

And Ryn - thankyou for my gorgeous sig for EB - I will also be using it for cards as well and it goes perfectly on a LO I am doing at the moment.

Better run - DOra has gone quiet which means Chionia is up to no good again.

Take care all :)

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silvercat said...

Your house is gorgeous!!!....considering the girls weren't in the right mood for a Christmas shoot, you got some great pic's!!!

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