Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy 12 Years to Gary and me :) :)

lol....... had a look at our wedding video - what a laugh - the girls found it funny to see mummy and daddy on the tv!!!!

Been busy as usual - Jess had her end of school excursion last Friday to the zoo - I went along and had 6 girls who all behaved wonderfully. It was a hot hot day (39C) so was glad to get home for a swim at the end of it - you do forget how gorgeous some of the animals are and how endangered they are - tigers for instance are being killed at a rate of about 80 a year in the wild atm and with between 300 - 400 left they will be extinct in the wild before Jess leaves primary school - a very scary thought and so sad..........

Working on a santa house atm with scrapping so nothing to show off yet. The EB scrappy awards are in full swing with final voting closing tomorrow night. WInners announced on Saturday at Leenie's place lol. Will be there inbetween doing our Xmas tree hopefully. Off out to lunch to celebrate our anniversary so better get a move along lol!


Anonymous said...

A big congrats for your anniversary!!

Glad you had a good time at the's very scary about the animals numbers :(

Felicity said...

Mel I am so loving that star album.

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