Saturday, May 15, 2010

Take note of the important things in life.....

like spending time with those you love :)  A busy couple of weeks here.....from Mothers Day tea party's to the zoo (very disappointing :( ) Naplan and catch up and ending this week with Jess home sick with a minor flu..

We had afternoon tea at PP1 where we were treated to a yummy afternoon tea they all helped to prepare and then some songs and games and presents!!

Hmmm I think she has my eyes!!

Homemade Schoolmade presents the best :) Also got a grass head of me that is growing very nicely next to my kitchen sink with the daffodil Chionia brought home which has sprouted already!

Mothers day I decided I wanted to just spend with Gary and the girls so off to the zoo we went - it was suppose to rain in the afternoon so we went earlish... and tbh I was disappointed.......A Lot of pens/ enclosures under repair or refurbishments...... a lot more of the animals just couldn't be found at all and a lot of the others had their backs to us!! We walked through the bird enclosure (you know the ones with double doors etc so they won't fly out and it was about 50mlong....) and we saw just 2 idea where the others were.....

And then home to a yummy roast dinner :) and dropped off a special Mothers Day dinner to Vinnie and kids courtesy of the mums at school. :)

This week saw Jess do Naplan and on Wednesday she mentioned how many words were spelt wrong and it wasn't until we were watching ACA that night and they should some of the exam papers she said that is how hers were........pretty wrong if you ask me - can't they simply read it through or do a spell check first?????? So I don't think I will be taking much notice of the results if they can't even print out an exam paper without spelling mistakes in it.

And finally last night and today I scrapped :) During the week I was emailed a photo of my great grand parents wedding day...Taken 100years ago so of course it was my inspiration and I scrapped it :) love all things old and vintagey and decided to use heaps of prima flowers too!!


:) Tiff said...

ooo so noice. lots of Nero. is that chippie flourish TB?? love it. need the name of it please.


Anonymous said...

I love the LO, and the primas combined with the chippies looks great :)

maryanne r said...

Gorgeous colors mel, just divine!

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, re, the loss of our nephew.
Very sad to hear of the loss of your friend also.
Makes you really appreciate what we have doesnt it.

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