Saturday, May 22, 2010

Miss Charlottes Cupboard

having more fun playing atm :)  Love Tim Holtz leg posts thingy's!!! :) More G45 of course and the Miss Charlotte manequin but I have just used one piece and dressed her that way instead!! Still fiddling with her - may make some fabric buttons and need to pop her title somewhere but pondering on it atm!

Also you can see a sneak peak of my class next week at Scrap it Flaunt it :) A pop up house!! And G45 ;) Just jump over to SIFI blog :) Back to creating -


Marcy said...

yikes this is too tricky!!!

sandra said...

I think Miss Charlotte is looking simply divine today and I Adore her 'cupboard'

maryanne r said...

absolutely stunning mel!!

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