Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mr mojo and a move.....

well a few weeks ago I handed in my resignation with Twiddleybitz as their Perth Rep. It wasn't that I didn't like the job etc I was just finding that time with family etc was being compromised and my mojo had gone walkabout with the stress of everyday bits and pieces and work and the girls etc. The house was a pigsty, my scrap desk was getting dusty and I was feeling a bit stressed so something had to give.

Don't fear though - I am still on the DT and teaching :) which is what I love doing. As a result the last couple of weekends I have had an absolute ball scrapping :)  So I know it was the right thing to do even though I loved going to the different stores and assisting TBZ :)

So Mr mojo is back - what have I created!! Out came my rusting paint again and I rusted up a shelf and large birdcage - still needs a little bit of fiddling and I want to find a bird that doesn't look stoned lol!!!
and then I started on a 12x12 shadowbox with my pop up house in it!! Would it work!! Of course with a bit of readjusting!!!!

and it opens out to reveal............

once again I want to add a couple more little details like butterflies in the garden!!

This weekend we have spent rearranging the house!!! What an effort - it all started cause I had to clean up due to Sonia flying in next week to spend the weekend with me :) and due to above reasons I was tired of the house not being up to scratch so I cleaned up Chionia's room then Jess's room then the toyroom and then got the crazy idea of moving all the rooms around.

So now Jess is upstairs in the old toyroom, Chionia has moved out of her small tiny room into Jess's old room and the old toyroom is now Chionia's old room :) It is all so much cleaner and easier to control!!!  Will see how it goes lol!!


sandra said...

I hate cleaning, but if this is the mojo that cleaning can create, then I'm getting stuck into my house ASAP!!
Mel these are just STUNNING!
Adore every little stunning detail.
God girl you totally rock OTP projects.
and pmsl with the stoned bird comment!!!

Binxcat1 said...

I gotta see this IRL! Too gorgeous for words!

maryanne r said...

mel these are just divine!! my lordy how clever are you!!

:) Tiff said...

my goodness. when you get your teeth into something, stand back people or she'll knock you over.

what amazing mojo you have. love the idea of the pop house from under the frame.

clever chicky

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