Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Escape 2 Create Retreat, Storms and boners and flaps ;)

Well mother nature decided to throw in a little wild weather just before I headed off to SA and so we spent Monday arvo and night mopping up instead of packing and doing my hair lol. The hail stones were something to  see to believe!!!! 

This was taken at around 4pm in the afternoon and the little white speaks you see is the hail bombarding us!! Yes the range rover now has dents in it and we have a few broken sky lights and a peppered patio but we were lucky compared to some!

Once the first front had passed Chionia was brave enough to venture outside and have a play in the "snow" hehe......

and the view up the street

and we found this on the back of Gary's ute.....gave us all a giggle after a few hectic hours!

Then it was time to get serious, pack my gear up (and to keep it all under 23kg - not a mean feat for a scrapper like me!) and fly my way over to SA for the Escape to Create retreat where I was teaching on the Saturday arvo..

I was met at the airport by this gorgeous chick and her beautiful daughters! So exciting to met up once more after chatting online for over 4 years. Made immediately to feel like I was at home thanks to Kelsey sharing her room with me for a few nights before the retreat. We took all day Thursday and Friday to set up and add those wonderful little details such as the goody bags.

and before we knew it it was time to do the meet and greet at the door. 
I must say it was the best retreat I have ever been on - everyone made me feel so welcome and I felt right at home as if I had known most of you for years!! I got to catch up with some online buddies such as Ange, Michelle, Sandra and Tiff and Louise as well as meet a few owners of blogs I stalk (hi Tatum!) - Everything ran so smoothly - no little hiccups and no major stress attacks!!! Nothing was left unturned and I think you should all give yourself a pat on the back - I will be back next year - teaching or not!!!! My class went really well seeing I had to use a mike and the last time I used one was at my wedding back in 95!! The ladies embraced all things new and had fun with embossing, paint daubers, colour sprays, and adding texture to LO's...I even had some scrunching virgins who continued to scrunch after the class :) :) :) 

Time to go and collect the girls and start packing for Easter so will leave you with a few photo's of the gorgeous chicks :)

Ready to go!!

Amanda's sewing class - hehe - all four machines going at once!

The gorgeous Michelle :)
Meredith had me in tears most of the weekend - especially her boner's and flaps class - I just couldn't follow up with such a witty fun class - but at least I got them dirty!!! ;)

All done and dusted -Val, Meredith, Sue, Amanda and Kathryn :) A job well done :) The food was absolutely delicious although I don't think I want to grate any more carrots for a little while rofl!!!

And before I knew it I was on the plane back to Adelaide to catch my remaining flight back home...I saw Amanda and the girls waving madly as we took off - thankyou for some wonderful memories and making so welcome in your home. Last but not least the project I was working on on the weekend ....just a sneak peak though :)


Kerryn said...

It was lovely to meet you and join in your class Mel. PMSL about Meredith, that girl is an absolute crackup!
I think I saw what you were working on.... it looked good whatever it was I spied :). Look forward to seeing the full reveal.

:) Tiff said...

Heya Mel. It was so good to finally met irl. You were exactly how imagined you. Fun, grounded and a country girl at heart. No wonder you fitted in so well. Seeing some of your pics of the storm that you had just makes you feel so very small when Mother Nature gets cross.

so looking forward to next years retreat.... those seats will be premium.

ps. is it ok if I post a pic of you and me on my blog please? mwah.

Kat said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time Mel - I think I have retreat
Glad that you were all safe after those storms - they were something to watch weren't they?

sandra said...

Mel it was such a delight to meet you.
you are even more lovely irl than I thought you would be....if it was at all possible.
Your class was such an inspiration for a lot of scrappers. It was so lovely to see so many distressing "newbies" scrunching, distressing and inking away madly...At one stage I swear it was snowing with all that edged paper floating around (either that or someone seriously needs to invest in some head and shoulders!! lol) But seriously, your class was an absolute hit!!
Counting down the days already until E2C 2011, and hopefully next time we might find the time to chat some more!

Marcy said...

I have read stuff everywhere in blog land today about you lil miss celeb' About how spectacularly your class went and what a lovely lady you are to meet IRL...none of which I'd doubt for a second! but I am still too scare to ask you to explain the last two items in your afore mentioned title!!! LOL I am a bit afraid no one elses mind would have dived right into the gutter just as quick as mine DID!!!! LOL
Oh your sneak peek... you know its autumn... hope your leaves fall of clever clogs!!! Just muckin with you it looks enviously stunning as per your usual talented creations!

Michelle said...

Yay Mel, glad you got home safe and sound, and faster than your last trip home!! Your class was fab, good to get our hands as smutty as our minds after Meredith's class! It was great sharing a table with you, and I'll be there with bells on next year!!

Felicity said...

I can only imagine how much fun you all got up to. Look foward to seeing everyones work from the retreat weekend.

Bev Mantle said...

Hi Mel, It was great to meet you in person at the camp. Loved my page that you taught us. Looking forward to seeing the final of your book you were making....your book and the lovely saying it gave touched my heart as you were showing it to me. See you next year. xxxx

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