Saturday, March 20, 2010

Recycled GHD box

is now my traveling tool kit!!!! Isn't it cool!!!! My brother and wife :) gave me a gorgeous wooden box last year (with a bottle of champers inside!) for my birthday last year and ever since then it has been my tool kit - it fits everything in and is perfect - I love it much so.....I don't want it damaged mid-flight so I created this instead!!! Friday I had a amassive clean up and throw out (school loves me!) of the crap scrap room...... and found lots of long lost bits!! This is perfect to pop all my bits and pieces in and I just had to scrap it!! Add some G45 and voila ....I will add to it...I just need to organise myself atm though....3 days and I am off to the E2C retreat where I am teaching 50 ladies a gorgeous LO!!!!  I am sooooooo looking forward to it and need the break and a laugh and some fun. I will be staying with the gorgeous Amanda and family as well - and now starting to panic a bit CAUSE I am not organised!!!!!!

Now you all know how I scrap - my main trouble is keeping within the 23kg limit EEEEKKK!!!!

So between now and then I have to organise my house for up to about 2 weeks ahead cause when I get back I have 2 days of school left to dish out invites to Jess's and CHionia's birthdays as well as make cakes of some sort for their classmates and unpack and repack for our Easter trip to Kalbarri which includes Chionia's 5th birthday and then Gary's birthday as well as Easter!!!!

anyway a couple of LO which still need some tweaking from the 3AS CC last weekend...

Ok nearly time for DH to go and collect Jess - she has had a girls movie dinner with girls from school - about 10 of them by themselves (but one mum is escorting them from the movies to Macca's! - phew!) is hard to let them grow up sometimes....


sandra said...

Oh yes TOTALLY cool Mel! Lovin' your layouts as well.
I am one of those 50 women hanging out to do that gorgeous layout of yours... but mostly I am hanging out to say hi to you irl. ;)
Have a great flight and I'll see you on Friday!!!

Sascha Schmidt said...

This box is awesome mel. I can see you're in the creative flow. I wish you continued strength and joy for scrapbooking. I watch you ;-). warm greetings from Austria, sascha

sandra said...

Mel it was WONDERFUL to meet you irl! You were just wonderful as imagined you to be.
Your class was fantastic! totally rocked. Your natural friendliness, generosity and amazing talent just shone through. Everyone came away from it totally inspired!
I will never look at chipboard the same again...and paint dabbers are now on my must have list.
Your impromptu clay mould class was a hit as well...a couple of the LSS ladies are looking into stocking them (woohoo!)
Now girl, go and have a wonderful holiday, put your feet up, drink a few wines and "breathe in and breathe out"

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