Saturday, April 24, 2010

Long overdue.........

but lots has been happening lately lol or should say the last month!!!!

We have had

  • an awesome family holiday in Kalbarri (left 2 days after arriving back from SA!)
  • School holidays done and dusted
  • Chionia's Birthday
  • Easter
  • Garys Birthday
  • Jessica's 10th birthday
  • birthday parties for both Chionia and Jess on following weekends
  • Jess had an ice-skating sleepover party - 25 of us on the ice lol!!
  • Girls had a couple of days in Dunsborough with mum and dad all by themselves
  • Taught at the TBZ trade day on Wednesday and then spent the last 2 days on the road with sneak peaks for SIA for the stores who couldn't make it on Wednesday but wanted to see...
  • Dear Fraser passed away on Wednesday after a long battle with cancer....may you RIP now - life was such a struggle at the end but you fought so bravely and for so long. Say hi to nanna and pop for me.

It seems like a lifetime ago that I was in South Australia - feels like I have spent the last month playing catch up and unpacking and repacking and unpacking and washing!! Inbetween SA and Kalbarri I had these to make up for Chionia's birthday at school and her invites...

Kalbarri was a blast - so much so we have booked again for next year. We relaxed, fished and crabbed and walked and ate and drank and the girls mucked around - water bombs and socialising - there was a group of 22 of us - 5 families and we all stayed at the Anchorage Caravan park in the chalets (hehe small onsite caravans!). Lots of red dirt - beautiful weather. Gary's only job was to catch dinner for Good Friday (Chionia's birthday so she had chicken!) and that he did......the boys went to Chinaman's point (I think that was where it was) just off the beach and managed to land a 32 kg Yellow tail Kingfish with a crowd of about 50 watching and cheering lol - wish I could have seen it   :) Big enough to feed all of us with heaps left over and popped into the freezer - YUMMY

and then in the afternoon the boys then caught a humungous mudcrab from the jetty in our nets!!!

More YUM!!! Funny thing was that night we all trotted off down tot he jetty for some fishing with all the kids and fisheries came along just checking things out and they had a chat with one of the went something like this....

Fisheries - did you hear about the huge kingfish caught this morning?
L : um yep that was us
Fisheries - oh .......(a bit of general chit chat then..) and there was a huge mudcrab caught off here this afternoon...
L : yep that was us again.....

hehe - word had got around that we were in town rofl!!!!

Lots of this

and of course it was Chionia's birthday

More boys play

and more fishing (of course!) and yes these did get thrown back...

Easter sunday we went off to look at the gorges - simply stunning - my photos don't do it justice (a litlle bit overexposed - I am learning to take it off please be nice!)
and there was more swimming (in the new bathers of course) and rock climbing and sandcombing much more that we will be back next year for more
Then it was back to reality in Perth and to get ready for Chionia's party at Go banana's and the following weekend with Jess's ice skating sleepover

More of the photo's with those later as I haven't edited them yet!!

Wednesday saw me teaching the Pop Up house to the gorgeous store owners in Perth - lots of fun and yes they all popped at the end of the class :) We also had a sneak peak at SIA releases and then I spent the next 2 days on the road following up stores who couldn't make it on the by last night I was Pooped!!!!

Photo's of the pop up house class - these are ones of when i was waiting for the hearts and word home for inside so you will just have to imagine them there!!!

and hhmmmmmm what about a sneak peak at what else I have been creating........


:) Tiff said...

I am EXHAUSTED just reading it all. Sounds like the time away was just the thing you needed to recharge the battery before you jummped back into scrappy commnitments again.

pls send a bottle of your energy may way chick. COD will be fine.

Anonymous said...

WOW at that crab, that is huge. and I love all your LO's and stuff and I am in awe of how you keep up with such a busy lifestyle :)

amanda hall said...

wow mate - you are full on!

Great recount and catch up of your time away.

Have missed our chats!!

Anonymous said...

wowsers Mel, you have been flat out!! that is one mighty bug fish and crab.. (ewww to both, lol)
have loved seeing all your photos.

will be on the coutdown soon chick.. can't wait!

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