Tuesday, January 20, 2009


a sneak peak at what I did for Twiddleybitz......


:) Tiff said...

ooohhhhhh Mel. so ornate. you have given me an idea for the twiddlebitz gate you gave me

Sonia said...

oh mel, no wonder you were excited about the new TBZ goodies the other night on MSN. Wow love the rich colours and all the little details!! fantastic chook!

carol.thompson said...

As usual, Mel....your work is AMAZING....You have given me so much advice and helped me find my own style.....You Inspire so many !!
Catch up soon

Sherry - It's A Scrapper's Life! said...

Mel you have been tagged hop over to my blog.
http://sherry-m.blogspot.com/ for details!

Anonymous said...

Mel you amaze me !!! Such a talented lovely lady...I love it when you work Tuesdays xo

Thank You

Michelle H :D

:) Tiff said...

HI Mel. have been starting to fiddle with the beautiful ornate gate you sent me in the SS parcel.
just a quick ?? how do I stop the little gates falling off and do I use it with all three backing pieces. I am guessing these are for future use as frames.
thanks a bunch chick. I am a bit stumped.
pm me on eb for my addy if u dont already have it :)

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