Monday, January 26, 2009

Just for you Carol!!

I promised I would pop up some photo's of my desk so here you go rofl!! ALso fellow scrappers if you want some fantastic inspiration Carol has just started her own blog - check it out her work is stunning!!!

Also been scrapping and playing with my cricut - I am loving this machine!! TO think what I have done is only scratching the surface - anyone got any good websites with tips and hints and idea's??

not sure with loading photo's on blogger atm - they seem to go a bit haywire!! Sorry if they aren't in order lol!
OK must run now and vacuum the floors and get ready for Janica's 20th family birthday do which we are having here :)


Natalie said...

Stunning pages babe!
Pop over to my blog if you get a chance - tagged!

nuttyscrapper said...

Gee your space is clean Mel wanna come clean mine LMAO !!!

Looking forward to catching up with you on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

oh i love your scrap space!!! love your LO's too, love your pandora braclet!

carol.thompson said...

Well Mel...I love your little cubby'll have to let me know where you got them. Not that I have anywhere to put them...One day I'll show you the corner of my dining room table that is mine....All mine... Except during dinner, or when the kids are doing ART...Or my eldest has homework, or when we have people over for dinner.... So in other words.....I SOOO NEED MY OWN SPACE.... And you are so organised.... No wonder you are sooo creative...Catch you later
Carol x o x o x

:) Tiff said...

hey Mel. how long ago did u get those prima mulberry paper rose leaves. the ones with the pink tips. Have been hunting for some for a workshop with no success. Only need 1 box. who'se your supplier or can I buy about 20-30 off you???

you so have a creation station. no wonder you have the mojo flowing.

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