Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hot hot hot.....

Yep thats right - Perth's hottest start to the year on record. We have had 10 out of the last 16 days over 35degrees. Don't get me wrong I LOVE summer but yesterday was just yuk.... thank goodness today is a lot cooler although I can still smell bushfire smoke in the air from several around Perth yesterday. Some idiot thought it may be a good idea to set Kings Park alight.....and then there was another one right next to a power station on the way home and a HUGE one just North of us that was still burning last night.....

Anyway the blog has been a big neglected lately.....I have been taking a back burner to the computer and trying to spend more time with the girls and catching up with things around here.....which also means not much scrapping has been done..I plan on changing that this weekend though....need to find my desk underneath all the bits and bobs that have been dumped on it! Nearly finished my school memories paperbag album....can only show sneak peaks though hehe!!

This months SM is out and finally my Grey Explosion album made it to print!! I do like how the otp items are displayed and photographed. The Christmas tree advent calendar I did for them a couple of issues back looked awesome if I don't say so myself!

I got a cricut expression for Christmas (with a few extra cartridges ;)) so I want to sit and play today. I had a little play last week and came up with this LO - used hambly transparencies for leaves in amongst some new Twiddleybitz stuff - GOOD LUCK to all those who have received a DT kit from TBZ - Look forward to working with who makes it through.

Chionia came down with an ear infection last week.....grrr don't you hate the fact it is always on a weekend which means $$$$$. Anyway caught it in time a week of antibiotics and earplugs for swimming (how can you tell her she can't swim when it is sooooooooooooooo hot!)

Jess went down to mum and dads last Saturday and stayed till Wednesday where I went and picked her up half way in Mandurah - I forgot how pretty it is along the foreshore there..pity about the traffic and parking though OMG it was crazy!! Not sure what to do with the girls atm....Chionia missed Jess like crazy but since she has been back all they do is bitch fight - you know - the niggly little things that annoy each other - they are both as bad as each other....... hope it is just a stage - we sat down to watch Mamma Mia Thursday night and they didn't even last the movie without being sent to their rooms....Jess has just had a temper tantrum and stormed off to her room - at the age atm where the whole world revolves around her and if she doesn't like what is happening then watch out.....sigh.....


I have some exciting news...... Lisa can relax and enjoy her pregnancy - everything depended upon an ultrasound at the beginning of this week - with her history they didn't want to get excited about bub (I think it has been nicknamed Vegemite!!) until after the scan.... well the appointment was at 10am - by 1pm I hadn't heard anything so text my sister....who hadn't heard anything and by then was thinking the worst until.... I received this a few hours later!!

Yipee! Was waiting til I'd spoken to Damyon in Washington. He is downloading the ultrasound DVD from my computer so he can see the waving and lots of 3D images :-)

Baby is totally great! It was like slo mo at the beginning, seeing the empty left cavity then the expanded right cavity then there was something in it and that something suddenly moved! Lefty is kindly moving over to make room for the baby - no lopsidedness yet. Dr Sonographer always recognises me by my uterus :-P

Everything fits the 12.5 week mark and the heart is beating at 152bpm.
The risk of a chromosomal defect is way below the average population.
Even the placenta is in a good spot, away from the septum (phew!). So far so good (bigger phew!). Next step is developing a plan with Ms Ob next week. Oh and I guess we can tell everyone! Bought me some chubby clothes this afternoon :-)

Damyon thinks the baby is doing the hokey pokey, singing "Put your left foot in - I just grew one of those".

Mwah Lisa and Damo - relax and enjoy it now :) :) :) Can't wait to be an aunty again :)

phew - thought I had just lost my whole post!! Thank goodnes blogger automatically saves a draft now!

Anyway some photo's from Dunsborough - we went down there with an old friend - Gary and Sam have been friends since before I knew Gary - he was one of our groomsmen at our wedding! We went down and stayed with them in Dunsborough over the New Years and had a ball. THey are now a family of 7 - Tiana is 9, Siena is 8 Angelica is 4 and then the twin boys Samuel and Luke have just turned 3 (I still can't tell them apart -- for a few days Samuel had a scratch on his nose but I was stuck once that cleared up rofl!) We had a great time - arrived New Years eve and watched some fireworks ;), New Years Day we went and visited mum and dad - still hot weather so late afternoon we went down to the beach which became a daily ritual. On the Friday Sam's sister's family came down with Lena - Sam's mum so it was a full house - 8 kids under 8! On the Sat we went to Saracen - a new brewery that had opened up in MArgaret River which is suppose to be family friendly - so after getting all the kdis out of the car and lining up for lunch for 20 minutes we were simply told they couldn't serve us....... very peeved off..... so we went to the Bootleg Brewery instead - I spent the day playing with my camera and taking photo's (about 300!!) - took it off automatic and actually getting some great shots! After there we went to Simmo's icecreamery YUMMMMMMMMMM Then home to get changed and down to the beach where my camera battery promptly decided it had taken enough photo's. poop - the sun was perfect and everything!!

OK well I had better get a movealong as I want to scrap - the girls haven't been fighting the last 10 minutes or long do I give them......


:) Tiff said...

great bunch of pics to scrap mel.
your hot weather is coming our way as of this week.
seeya on eb.

Riss Plackett said...

You must take after Dad with your photography Mel. Chrissy was cool! And if you want to split the girls up for a few days I'm happy to take one or both out for a day!!

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