Monday, January 19, 2009

I scrapped :)

Lots of class projects!!!!

So here are some sneak peaks for you....if something catches your eye - just call the shop (9249 1303) and book a place!

First up - remember the paperbag album....well I have done a slightly different twist and made one to keep all your childs school photo's and reports, merit awards, and bits and bobs - all in one handy place and one for their whole primary school years! Wish I had done this earlier with Jess as I need to chase down a few photo's and info lol!!

Also have actually scrapped this Christmas into a Kaiser mini album and had a play with the cricut again - nothing fancy but I love how I can get whatever size I want at the touch of a button!! This too is for the shop so if you have some great photo's from Christmas and want to scrap them - come along and have some fun with this album!

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Anonymous said...

great minds think alike mel, i was going to do a paper bag album for the girls too (even though they haven't started school yet) i like the way you have bound them together, i was wondering how i was going to join so many together!!

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