Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ahoy there me hearties

Had fun being a pirate at the weekend - Jess's yr 2 class last year had the Pirate theme for their school assembly and whatever pp or emb I put with it back then just didn't work until...I got some Twiddleybits Skull and wings and tribal flames chipboard to use on some design work - add a bit of Hambly overlays and rubons, lots of ink and distressing and voila - Lots of fun with this one :)

Each Sunday we post a new DT lo or work at 3AS -- Last weeks one was a favourite word or phrase - couldn't go past Chionia's I Do Myself! This week we can do cards or an otp - I attempted cards! Will upload some sneak peaks later as I need to take some photo's yet

School has started back and Jess is loving her new teacher. Chionia started baby ballet on Monday and now is practising her fairy wings and picking flower dance moves. Swimming for her starts tomorrow. Jess is back doing Tap modern and Jazz as well as Ballet - a few more school friends have joined in so that is good too :)

Weather is HOT and HUMID here which is yukky..... don't mind the heat but add the humidity and I don't like it! Weather has been weird - last night it tried so hard to rain - we had a couple hits of thunder and about 10 huge drops of rain in the pool then it stopped.....

ok paperwork is calling now....

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Alison J said...

My baby has started dancing too. It's just too cute! I love your work Mel, simply amazing all of the deatil and technique involved blows me away!

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