Thursday, February 14, 2008

Look what is in our driveway......

Now it just needs to be fitted out before the boat from Florida gets here!

Been too hot to sit in the office over the last few weeks - today I am official over this humidity - I don't mind the heat but yuk to humidity!

Got these owls a few weeks ago and have been wanting to do a LO with them so voila!

Also here is the Bird journal WITH the bird photo's in it now - couldn't wait for Dad to email them through

Also cards was last weeks DT job at 3AS - here's mine :) This week we all have the same product to demo - some beautiful pearls sshhhhh......

1 comment:

silvercat said...

Nice boat!.........and fab work! OMG I love that owl, i'm also loving the way your doing those flowers...

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