Sunday, November 4, 2007


GRRRR at Chionia - I had my LO all finished and ready to photograph but thought no I should really take DH some cold drinks and lunch first so I did - got home my purse broke and coins went everywhere so while I was picking them up and in a matter of 30 seconds Chionia had stamped and then put sticky tape over her stamp on my new LO

Hence there is now an extra swirl in the RH corner and extra ink to cover up where the tape pulled the paper ....... Still like it but not as much as before lol!

Quiet sunday for me and the girls - Gary though on the other hand was up at 5am and out the door ready to spray Joondalup gate with antigraffiti coatings - he has to go to a height of 11m so hired a knuckle boom to do the job - that was delivered at 7am and not long after the generator blew up the elctric airless spray gun....... not happy jan as the knuckle boom is about $1000.00 to hire for the day and the job needs to be finished now as the little buggers have already hit the other wall with just their stupid tags - about 50meters long..... Anyway we finally got hold of the neighbours and have borrowed their gun! Thanks guys :)

Chionia keeps getting out of bed - she was put to bed over an hour ago to have her nap............... NOT HAPPY JAN

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