Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No Masters spot for me this year

Well no phone calls came through and I know they have been made ;) - not sure what else I have to do to get published but that's life lol - now hoping for a HM in at least one of the tasks! I love what I did and so do a lot of people so I know it isn't my work that sucks hehe!!! A big congrats to those who did get through - you know who you are ;)

Had a girls scrapping weekend away in dunsborough and I couldn't have asked for a nicer bunch of ladies to be with - thanks Di Nic Jodi and Dom :) did all the teachers pressie's - otp items - no LO's lol - couldn't be bothered trying to work out photo's etc beforehand!

Better run - lots to catch up on


Riss Plackett said...

Mel, your work is spectacular and a benchmark for others. In particular your composition, your photography and your attention to detail is amazing.

The no call could be as simple as that there were more designs of one type submitted or they were looking to promote a certain style. There is a commercial push behind it after all.

I say yay to you - you're a champ!

Danielle said...

Mel, so sorry to hear you didn't get a call. I have my fingers crossed that you'll get an HM. I'm really surprised, and disappointed for you as your work totally rocks. You should be very proud of your efforts!!!

Love the teacher gifts - they are going to be so stoked to receive them. I esp love the art journal!!!

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