Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Last night we went off to a wonderful spooky Halloween party hosted by Dom - one of the teachers at the shop - It looked sensational and a lot of effort had gone into the party from the food to the decorations - the kids even had a bouncy castle and face painting happening! Needless to say my two had a ball and I think Chionia just about wore out the jumping castle she had so much fun! Thanks Dom :)

Other news - just busy with bookwork atm - trying to catch up with it all so I can concentrate on all the bits and pieces we have coming up in the next 55 days till christmas - only 55 days now and only 50 days until we take off for some fun and relaxation!

In a couple of weeks I am having a girls weekend in Dunsborough with the ladies from the shop :) A weekend of scrapping and chatting and relaxing. Can't wait - I really need a break atm.

November is here so hopefully before long the phone calls for the masters are made and we will not be waiting any longer - lol it seems to have taken forever! Good luck to everyone :)

A few congrats as well -

Steve Noon - a friend of ours who took off to Canada a couple of years ago fell in love and has just had a baby boy Lucas with his partner :)

Kim ;)

Rach ;)

and finally Essential Baby ladies are having a EB Scrappy Awards similar to the emmy nominations! lol 25 categories and voting for our top 6 finalists who then after a few weeks of scrapping if they want the winner will be voted and announced at a big scrap chat night :) Rach, Ryn and Tracey have put a lot of time into it and have done a fabo job! Here are the details and the PB link if you want a squizzy - there is an amzing amount of talented women amongst us!

Nearly forgot - Chionia has had her ears pierced - she looks so gorgeous and they seem to catch our eye all the time! She is growing up so fast - we have been toilet training for a few weeks now and she can go most days without a nappy or any accidents. The baby seat has been replaced with a booster seat as she was too big for her one - high chair has gone and next thing will be the change table and apart from the pram there won't be any more baby things in the house!


nuttyscrapper said...

Looks like lyou had a great time at the halloween party.

OMG Chionia and her ears pierced did she cry ? I cant imagine charlize sitting still to get hers done LOL.

Riss Plackett said...

Mel I love your photography - you're doing magic things with your depth of field.

Kaysie said...

god your a busy gal no wonder we dont get time to talk anymore..... LOVE Chionas earings and her gorgeous hair.....

Love to you

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