Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Flying visit!

Ok well another year older another year wiser ! hehe

Been very busy with all sorts of bits and pieces but not much scrapping (she says as she brings out some photo's!) just a couple of things for the shop - a kit We put together and a possible fathers day class for a wine/scotch bottle present! lol

My birthday was great! - got my pressie a few weeks ago - a Canon 400D SLR camera! and loving it...... Had a few people around MOnday arvo for drinks and nibbles and ended up going to bed shattered about 10pm. Lots of lovely pressie - some smelly wood sticks that match a stainless steel photo frame :) - will take a photo soon but LOVE them! as well as a wonderful lantern from Dusk mwah Fiona! And a wonderful collection of hand made pottery coffee mugs from Down South - match a couple I bought a few years ago! and a Clip it up system :)

Gary has stopped smoking since Monday - really hope he can keep it up - a bit touchy in the meantime but a small price to pay so to speak for the long term benefits :) lets hope he can keep it up

OK Off to scrap a vegemite photo rofl!!!!

1 comment:

amanda said...

Glad you had a beautiful birthday Mel. you deserve the best!

YAY with the camera - they are fantastic aren't they?

chat soon!

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