Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hidden Valley Escape :)

Gary and I had our night of luxury away! Just heaven - 90 minute massage on arrival then we soaked up the tranquility of the bush (and jackhammer lol) in our secluded spa with champagne and nibbles. No girls, no doing the dinner bath reading bed routine - beautiful just being US

Also did some scrapping last weekend - a couple of things for the shop - fathers day chocolate bag and played with a new ribbon punch I bought from the craft fair last week. Fair wasn't that great - only 4 or 5 scrapping places and not many bargains at all - however Carole Jansen's display was STUNNING - will be ordering a few of her kits!

Must run - nearly time for CHionia's sleep and have a heap of household chores to catch up on......

Take care

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