Monday, June 25, 2007

? lol

Finished off my Barber/Burton frame this weekend - it will be in the shop this week if you are interested in doing it as a class :) Also got 2 kits from Carole Janson who does a lot of 3D scrapping - in other words lots of cutting out! lol Enjoyed doing them BUT not me so much! Caught Chionia's cough cold lurgy - not happy Jan.

Cindy's birthday over the weekend - Helen came over as well and had her little bit to say to both Gary and me about the family........ so over it .......

Also a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JASON who turns 18 TODAY!!!! Hope you have a great one Jason :) :)

OK Time to clean up the trashed toyroom - can't see the floor atm so time to clean it up - it is a bit like Jess's room too lol - guess what she is doing after school today hehe

Take care


Sarah said...

Love the work Mel!

silvercat said...

Great Lo's Mel!!....Love the 3D look too, you have way more patience than I for all that cutting out!.........hope you over your lurgy soon!

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