Thursday, June 21, 2007

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Don't you like my post and runs! lol Been a lot of photos lately and not much chatting - sorry! Thinkgs have been a bit hectic around here - Chionia got Jess's cough and has been home this week but up to so much mischief - I can't remember Jess doing half this stuff! Mind you Chionia will go to bed and that is it virtually so very lucky - Jess on the other hand at 7 years of age still take us a lot of effort to put to sleep!
Gary has been working mornings and nights so busy around here. Mornings have been cold and not good for those with a cough (Jess Chionia and now I think me.....)
A few attitudes to put up with atm and some naughtiness as well has made things a stifle boring. a few groundings and tellings off - hopefully a stage with both of them - sunday Chionia painted her blackboard with my face cream, drew on herself with permanent marker, whilst asleep supposedly (awoke earlier0 she painted her walls with half a big tub of paw paw creamw hilst drawing ont he desk with white zinc cream and was in the mood for stirring up trouble with Jess.....
Scrapping wise - a few things ;)some exciting bits and pieces at the shop coming up - will be able to elaborate more in a week I think lol! Must finish taking the photos of my masters bits and pieces and sen that off - Completed my June Kit that I designed at Scrapframes! LOVE it - Papers I wanted to try something a bit different to perhaps what I normally use but LOVE FANCY PANTS FREE SPIRIT and their rubons! i WON the Queens challenge at 3Angels scrapping website and last weekend they had their cyber crop with some great challenges - one of which being a frame thingy which I ended up doing a 6 board frame heritage style and already have bookings for a class at Di's with :) :) :) :) so thankyoU!!!!!
Lurkers let me know who you are! All comments up until Saturday will be in the running for a RAK! Just curious - want to know who is there!
Take care all :)


Sarah said...

Hi darlin,love your Latest work! Hope the kids get better! When you are on msn message me :P Need to chat with you! xx

silvercat said...

Hi Mel....haven't been on-line for a few day, how are the girls?

I love your do vintage so well!!!

Riss Plackett said...

What's a RAK?

Melanie said...

Riss - Random act of kindness and seeing Sarah is the only one before the end of sat she wins one! will give it to you on Sat Sarah!!!!

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