Friday, May 11, 2007

Does life ever slow down??

Well been so busy since last posting - have done a heap of scrapping but as it is secret squirrel stuff I can't post it anywhere - would love to show you all as I love it! I have done a couple of classes by Linda Baldock in which we used Shellac in one class and stampbord and inks in the other - fantastic classes. I am also busy teaching with at least 2 classes a week atm so in all good fun :)

The girls are keeping me on my toes - Chionia hasn't been well at all - last week not only did she get a lot of back molar teeth she also had a virus where she kept hitting temps of 40degrees - didn't the chemist love us that week! Jess is back into it at school with after school sports twice a week, tap and ballet and loving it. Me - I broke my toe moving furniture I shouldn't have - lovely cut in the end and the toe nail will come off at some stage - wearing thongs atm - thank goodness it isn't too cold yet. Gary - as usual! lol

Other news - I got 2 early Mothers day pressie's - a Bosch Dishwasher (which I only got yesterday and not last week like promised) and a ............. Canon SLR 400D Digital Camera - even on automatic it takes fantastic shots - will be giving it a workout this weekend on Mothers Day

Ris and Neil - I am so sorry we couldn't make your 30th do tomorrow night - as I said before babysitters are hard to come by in Dunsborough and it would have been too rushed to go tonight and back Sunday lunch and not even be able to go to your party so dance and celebrate away! Will have you two around for dinner in the next week or two ok!

Crop night tonight and working on some masters stuff so had better go and pack my gear cause it is nearly time to go and help out with IMPS at Jess's school. Take care all and have a FANTASTIC MOTHERS DAY :) :) :)


jodyg said...

Hey there Mel!! That's awful about the toe, sounds bloody painful, you poor thing. Shellac sounds interesting.

Sarah said...

I might be able to come to your Monday class,will let you know,as I THINK Paul is home then,might have to take his car though as my car has to go in for a REALLY overdue service,will let you know! Sarah x Hope your toe is better!

amanda said...

woohoo at your secret squirrel stuff *wink wink nudge nudge*

loving that shellac effect.

hope you toe is all fixed!

Anonymous said...

How did you do those layouts in the pics. They are great.

Love to know.


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