Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nope it doesn't slow down! lol

Lots has been happening.

First of all Larissa is pregnant!!!! Jess and Chionia will have a baby cousin in about 7.5 months time :) Jess is really excited :)

Camera is busy downloading 70 odd photo's of scrapping things and the girls. Big moves this week!

Chionia is now a big girl - we dismantled her cot and gave her Jess's old bed - Jess is now sleeping in our old queen bed that we had in storage in the garage! Chionia loves it - we have had two nights where she has slept right through - loving it :)

Scrapping wise - I have been asked to be a guest design team member for June for a great scrapping website - will give out more info once I know I am allowed. Also I have got a kit coming out for Scrapframes ( for their June kit - lots of wonderful Fancy pants and a fantastic otp item - a couple of supply problems with the pp - must be cause they are so great!!! ;).

Finished my masters pieces! I love my otp and mini album - the two LO's are great too but have they got that WOW factor! lol Also did a LO for the SC colour comp which I sent away this week! Watch out for a pair of green eyes!

Work - lots of things happening - clock class's were a huge hit! Now doing puzzle boxes and colour challenges and a few new classes ;) stay tuned for more details

Just seen a master's entry that has taken my breath away ;) - if she doesn't win it this year I will be asking why! It is perfect and when I can I will be scraplifting this one!

Ok time to see if the camera has finished downloading and may be back with a couple of photo's :0 Take care all

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