Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Kids canvas day

What a busy day....

I promised Jess a while ago that I would help her do a canvas and that one or two of her friends could do it to..... well it ended up being 6 girls - I can't believe how catty they can be even at that age - one of them was a bit tired and grumpy and upsetting the others which made it all the much harder but they all ended up with fantastic canvas's for the bedroom walls. it ended up being an 8am to 5.30pm babysitting job as some mums were working etc .........

Jess's is of her and daddy as she is missing him heaps and I think it is gorgeous - we picked out the papers and rubons after daddy left last week and she used a Lo i did earlier for DI's shop as a template. She now has it hanging right where she can see it most of the day in our entrance :)

Phone ringing - it will be Gary :)


Julie said...

You've got one talented daughter there and a scrappybud in the making. LOL

debbiedo said...

Great canvas Melanie/Jess!

Sorry to tell you this Mel but the cattiness gets worse as they get older!


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