Saturday, December 16, 2006

Crop night :)

A busy few days...

Well yesterday Nick Bonnie and Kate came around and earnt some pocket money by weeding my garden and mowing it - but they had a great time swimming as well :)

Trying to get things done before Gary is back so he can sit back and relax once home - getting there - Ute has been taken to tip and emptied - thanks Tom and Bianca!

Last night was my night off and it was spent scrapping at Di's with some girls from EB - Donna and Wendy as well as some of the ladies from the shop etc. Was goint to do a canvas for Gail but it wasn't working so started on a special pressie for someone else and finished it today and LOVE IT - so glad I have some spare to make for us as well as a few others...

A sneak peak!

Had a fab time and even won a box of flowers :) :) :)

Today we had to get Gail's christening cake so we can take it tomorrow. Busy day tomorrow - will see how we go then a few things planned during the week

Not long till Santa is here - I believe he has managed to get a fun present for Jess and Jess has asked he get CHionia a bubble machine......

Only a couple bits to get shopping wise... and the food stuff but just about there :) Thank goodness...

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Julie said...

Love the advent claendar. If I hadn't of just finished making the one I did when I seen a few of those on the EM site I would of gotten one too.LOL

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