Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gary is home today :)

WEll today is the day.... Gary comes home although I have just received a phone call saying the flight has been cancelled and he will be put on another flight 3 hours later...... Jess is upset!

COmputer died yesterday - my wonderful brother came around last night and fixed it for me - the power supply unit had gone and it only cost $50.00 for Damo to get another from the shops and put it in for me YAY!!!! THANKS Damo! Owe you one!

Also got my haircut!!!! I think it is the shortest it has been since mum made us have pixie haircuts when we moved to Borneo when I was 7!!!!!

Well I am going off to finish the vegie shopping (not much) and one last present (there is always one isn't there) and will now let Chionia go to sleep before heading off to the airport later!

1 comment:

debbiedo said...

Love the new do Melanie! You look fantastic.

Bet you are glad that dh is back. Hope you all have a fabulous chrissy!

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