Saturday, November 6, 2010

More TBZ releases

Once again TBZ have excelled themselves with OTP projects - these 2 gorgeous shadowboxes are so much fun - as soon as I saw the one with the awning knew I had tot urn it into a Lost and found shop!!! It comes with the awning and fence and ground... I also added to it the TBZ chair, mirror and chandelair and mannequin :)

THen I just had to pop the beach shadowbox with Graphic 45 On The Boardwalk papers!!! As I emailed it to Mr & Mrs TBZ I had to have a little giggle to myself - the figurines on the project reminded me of them - what do you think??? hehe

You can see these projects at the Twiddleybitz stand at the Sydney papercrafts festival on this weekend :) pop over to the TBZ site for further info on where etc!!

Also fete day is tomorrow - still finishing off projects - have no idea if they will sell or how to price them - obviously it is all hand done so how do you incorporate that into the price without ripping yourself off!!!!

These will be up for sale too tomorrow :) Both will be $40.00 (considering the tree sells for $25.00 as a raw kit and the box $15.00) I think it is a good price - what do you think taking into account time and cost of paint, beaded ribbon, paper, flowers etc.......

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