Saturday, November 27, 2010


being semi organised!!!!

Most presents are done and wrapped!!!! Which is good as I only realised yesterday that the girls only have 14 school days left! Christmas lunch is getting sorted - cooked a yummy Jamie Oliver roast on Tuesday night when Dad stayed and omg it was divine!!!! It melted in your mouth along with the porcini mushrooms and pancetta wrapped around it - this will now be on the menu :)

Not long till the dance concert so am expecting lots of extra dance runs in the next few weeks as well. Got 2 out of 6 costumes - same every year - we never really know what the costumes are until the last minute add to that all the end of year / school / christmas do's etc and it can be a bit stressful rofl

Gary and I had our 15th wedding anniversary on Thursday :) xxx we didn't do anything special rofl - Gary was up early to do Damo's pool and then the final coat on Johns pool :) So we had a beautiful bottle of Moet with some prawns, haloumi cheese, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and red onion with lemon zest and fresh herbs from the garden for tea whilst watching Polar Express with the girls :) Here's to another 15 honey :) xx

Been creating a bit too - can't show though for another week all hush hush!!!! But I will reveal my advent creation I did for the G45 advent comp Would love to win the new release....would go perfect with some projects I have to do up!!! :) Check out the projects there are some stunning entries!!! So here's mine :) sshhh rofl!


Carol said...

OHhhhh Mell...I envy you....i have started....but soooo...not ready yet....maybe in another week or so....i can say otherwise....I love your new xmas vintage....soooo...YOU !!!!! so G45..
Would love to catch up...(same old, same old......) we will one day !!
Hope you guys have a wonderful xmas.
TTFN Carol

Kelly Woessner said...

I LOVE your advent calendar! It looks fantastic! Thanks for putting our papers to such beautiful use! -Team Graphic 45

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